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I created kids snack pack that will help nurish your little one during the most important time of their development. 100% organic with zero additives. A no think or worry array of nutritious foods that your kids will love. Treat your little one to a heathy snack.


I created two menus that alternate weekly to keep your little one excited.


Menu 1 

  • No Bake Almond Butter Oatmeal Bites  *servings 6
  • Blueberry Bread *full loaf
  • Fruitie Rollups *serving 4
  • Sweet Potato Brownies *servings 4


Menu 2

  • Chocolate Chip Power Balls 
  • Smoothie (freeze it & make ice pops)
  • Banana Bread *full loaf
  • Fruitie Rollups *servings 4


Kids Snack Pack

50,00 €Price
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