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The seeds of The Nudge Lisboa were sown in my childhood, when I experienced a food issue that wasn’t fully resolved. I struggled with it into early adulthood, when I moved from the south of France to NYC and met the man who would become my husband. He was the one who gave me the nudge I needed, encouraging me to face my food issues and deal with them head-on.

I decided to improve my health by evolving my entire approach to food, starting with the fundamentals: doing away with processed meals and buying nutritious, locally grown and seasonal ingredients from farmers’ markets instead. My diet became 80% plant-based – not strictly vegan or vegetarian, as I would never restrict myself from consuming what my body needs, but with far fewer animal products than before. I also began to take a real interest in where those animal products came from, not least because ethically farmed foods tend to be far more nutritious than mass-produced alternatives.

The changes I made soon gathered pace. With insights and support gained from a new circle of friends and an amazing midwife, I found it was easy (and even enjoyable) to sustain and refine my new lifestyle. So when later I moved to Berlin and then to Lisbon, I was able to bring what I had learned with me. And it all began with that first nudge.


Along the way, I was fortunate enough to have two beautiful, natural home births, supported by a team who ensured I had the nutrition I needed to produce rich, healthy milk for my newborns. Out of these experiences, I created a ‘pantry’ of foods and recipes that meet and exceed all the nutritional needs of an active family.

I’m now a mother of two young boys and am more grateful than ever that I changed direction. Seeing my kids enjoying honest, nutritious foods is beyond rewarding – and I love sharing this sense of joy and gratitude with other parents.

Living in a number of different cities across Europe and the US has also strengthened my awareness of the benefits healthy eating can bring. From Cannes and Paris to Switzerland, NYC and Berlin, I’ve sampled different cultures and cuisines, incorporating the most delicious and nutritious elements into my repertoire. Now happily settled in Lisbon, I’ve decided to put what I’ve learned to work.



The Nudge Lisboa is about healthy eating that’s more conscious, exciting, positive, sustainable and full of joy. I’ll be hosting seminars, workshops and cookery classes to show you how fulfilling it can be to switch up your approach to food. In the process, you can help your family to eat healthier and happier, now and in the future.

But it doesn’t end there: The Nudge Lisboa will also be looking at other aspects of lifestyle that can inspire, delight and foster enhanced wellbeing, from craft workshops to art therapy and more. The aim is to nudge you out of your comfort zone and open up new possibilities for healthy living – and to kickstart lasting positive feedback loops that strengthen and nourish you every day of your life.

Being healthy is not just about what you eat – but food is a fundamental of healthy living, and a great place to start. With The Nudge Lisboa, you’ll find the energy, inspiration and momentum you need to move forward healthily in your life. All it takes is one little nudge…

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