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My name is Aziza! I am a human. I am lucky to be living on this planet we called Earth. I love all that elevates one to their true nature. I am passionate about beauty, wellness, and design.

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Nudge Community Q&A

TNC: Can you tell us about ?

Aziza: is a collection of objects made with the intention to last. Our philosophy is about gentle living, through purity and softness. We honor the handmade, the purity of materials and the joy of the process. 

TNC: Morning routine?

Aziza: Stretch in bed, wash the face with an ice cube, clean mouth and  teeth, meditate, breathing exercises, drink celery juice, make breakfast.

TNC: If you can nudge someone reading this, what recommendations would you make for them to introduce some change?

Aziza: For a start it would be to Stop and smell the roses. Hug a tree. Stop for a second and take the time to see how things are becoming. We see things as we are, how about see things as they are. Acts of kindness, everyday practices to help someone just because. Help a neighbor, help a stranger, help your family, help a friend. and SMILE. try it, its life changing and it costs nothing.  

TNC: Would you like to be part of a lifestyle pop up with The Nudge Lisboa ?

Aziza: Of course! it would be a dream!

TNC: Favorite therapy?

Aziza: I love massages, all kind but most favorite is Indian Ayurvedic massage, which is all that we need for removal of toxins.

Thank you so much Aziza!!


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