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Im Megane a yoga teacher and nutritionist from South of France. I am a citizen of the world that loves travelling meeting new people from different cultures and sharing my passion for healthy food and yoga. I am definitely a beach girl, that likes to follow the sun all year long. I usually spend a part of the year travelling to warmer countries to then come back reenergised to my hometown. I am currently in Brazil and who knows where I will be next.

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Nudge Community Q&A

TNC: Why and When did you start practicing yoga?

Megane: I took my first yoga class 8 years ago but I was not consistent at all and was more into
fitness. But 5 years ago I had an injury (or what I call blessing now) that forced me to stop
doing any intense trainings at the gym like weight lifting and the basic abs workouts I was
loving at the time. I remember getting out of the doctor crying because he had told me that I
was only allowed to do yoga which was not my favorite activity. But I started trying different
styles of yoga and teachers and fell in love with this practice. I then started diving deeper
into the philosophy and energetic aspect of yoga and I can safely say that it has completely
changed my life. I used to have so many fears and anxiety back in time that were stopping
me from living my life to the fullest, but yoga has taught me how to breath into it and break
free from all of those fears and limited believes that were pulling me back.

TNC: What motivates you in the morning ?

Megane: Knowing that I am going to be up for another day living the life I’ve always dreamt about. I
think the best motivation is to do things that make your soul happy.

TNC: Name one food you eat daily?

Megane: Cucumber, that might sound weird but if I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it
would probably be cucumber. I use it in my juices, smoothies, salads, snacks. It’s a basic in
my house especially during summer as it has amazing cooling properties.

TNC: Morning routine ?
Megane: I wake up between 6:30-7:00 am or sometimes earlier when I am teaching online classes to
my European students since I am currently in another time zone. First thing first, I clean my
tongue with a tongue scrapper to get ride of all the impurities accumulated during the night.
After that, I usually do a couple of rounds of nauli kriya to help things move ;). Nauli kriya is a
purification technique used in yoga to cleanse the abdominal region and activate the digestif

I then have a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon and allow my body to absorb it
while I meditate. After my meditation, I make myself a matcha latte and take that time to
write down my thoughts and check my phone. If that’s a day when I am teaching yoga, I
usually eat something small like a date and some nuts otherwise I practice on an "empty"
stom (not fully empty as I have a matcha with plant-based milk).
And voila, that’s how I set myself for an amazing day.

TNC: Can you recall a moment in your life that nudged you the most?
Megane: When I was around 18, I got kicked out of school. I spent a whole year not working and
actually not doing anything apart from partying and living a very unhealthy lifestyle. I
remember feeling terrible at that time both physically and mentally. Until I realized it was
not sustainable, I couldn’t keep on living that way. At that time, a friend of mine was starting
to go to the gym, and she pushed me to go with her. It was not easy to wake up in the
morning at the beginning, but I was really feeling the positive effects. I was more motivated,
my mind was clear, I had even decided to get back into my studies. And that is when I
realized the power of movement, good nutrition and good thoughts and I was hooked for
the rest of my life haha. At that time I was far from being where I am today in my health
journey but that was the begining of it. Step by step I was feeling better and better and my
body was craving for more and more healthy habits.


My friend dragging me to the gym while I was feeling down, and stuck in my life was the
little nudge I needed in my life.

TNC: What nudge do you recommend for others to push themselves to do better or to break
their routine ?
Megane: This is your life, you and only YOU have the power to change it and make it better. No one
will do it for you and tomorrow is already to late. This is your sign to start today, start for
yourself because you deserve it. A happy and healthy life is waiting for you on the other side
of those lifestyle changes you keep on postponing to tomorrow.


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