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 India Allouche

My name is India Allouche. I'm a 29 year old Brooklynnite (born in Paris) and recently became certified in Traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition. My full-time work is within the social media and influencer marketing industry. A few of my favorite things are shopping at my local farmer's markets, cooking and baking without a recipe, learning about natural wines, exercising, daydreaming about creative possibilities and binging any food-related documentary and of course, the Great British Bake Off.  

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Nudge Community Q&A

TNL: Can you tell us what motivates you in the morning and why?
India: Oftentimes it's the weather - nothing makes me happier than waking up to the sun. Another that's actually in my control would be my exercise routine. The anticipation of not knowing exactly what class I will choose gets me excited to get up and start moving in the morning. Also, coffee - coffee definitely motivates me in the morning.  

TNL: Morning routine?
India: I am definitely a morning person. I typically wake up around 7am, brush my teeth and use my Ayurvedic tongue scraper and mouthwash. I will then fill my big mason jar with water from my Berkey filter, mixed with either a splash of warm chaga water and ginger for quick and easy hydration and energy. Then, depending on the weather, I will either go out for black coffee or make my matcha. If I opt for the green tea, I add one tsp of matcha into my Vitamix with cinnamon, chaga mushroom and a splash of almond milk. Then I get dressed in my exercise clothes, walk my dog and exercise around 9am.

TNL: Can you recall a moment in your life that nudged you the most?

India: I remember when I was living in Puerto Rico about a year ago and I was feeling super burnt out from work and felt so helpless. It was around New Years Eve and we had just found out that my partner contracted Covid. We both spent the evening in separate bedrooms, facetiming while the ball dropped. The days/weeks that followed were tough. I was balancing work, while taking care of him all while trying not to contract the virus.

I had seen someone post on social media about their journey of becoming a holistic nutritionist and their story inspired me so much to change something. I signed up in an instant for a year-long course, and took the first one a week later where we all met via Zoom for a cooking class on fermentation. I made my own Beet Kvass, Kombucha, and Kimchi amongst other things. I've learned so much from that course and believed that it changed my outlook on so much in this life.


It's now a little more than one year later and I'm a certified holistic nutritionist. I feel so proud to have listened to that voice one year ago to "just go for it". 

TNL: What nudge do you recommend for others to push themselves to break up their routine and introduce new experiences ?

India: I would say that just because you have a routine, does not mean that you have to be married to that routine. Open yourself up for growth and new experiences and welcome the process of trial and error with open arms. Everything in moderation is key and if that means skipping a day of workout to cook something warming and yin in nature, then accept that that is what your body might crave at that moment. Change =  growth so always embrace the unexpected changes that the world throws at you.

Thank you so much for being part of The Nudge Community.



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